Berlin Wall Falls

Yesterday, November 9, 25 years ago the Berlin Wall came down.  It was a symbol of an oppressive regime and its population.  Yet, looking back at the events its hard not to feel that the lessons of what the wall stood for have been forgotten.

The wall stood not to keep invaders out, or prevent an invasion, but to keep the population in.  Consider that comment carefully.  A real world Communist country had to build a wall to keep its population from escaping.

Its that basic truth which, twenty-five years later, has been forgotten in the euphoria of its fall.

There is an entire generation which fails to understand that meaning.  In fact, many of them if you ask if they would prefer a communism or democratic government, would gladly choose the communism one.  They have been fed a lie of how great it is for everyone to be equal, and the government wisely ruling over the citizens.

Real communism never did this, nor will it ever do this.

Yet they will continue to ignore the what happened when the wall went up.  People regularly tried to cross over to West Berlin, and several hundred were shot and killed.

They were killed trying to escape, not democracy and capitalism, but communism.  A fact easily ignored by many today.

Its time we look back on history again for what it was and not with our political correctness agenda.