ISIS Continues Killing

With all the news of the borders, Ebola, and the upcoming elections isis has continued to move and kill despite air strikes.  Most of the news on twitter and other sources talk about the air strikes, but they ignore what is going on.

According to the Associated Press isis murdered 150 men, women and children in recent days.  isis is not limiting their murder spree to just men, but they are lining up women and children.

These tactics are reminiscent of film of the Nazis in their murder of 6 million Jews.

In Ras al-Maa, , Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud told the AP that isis, in their radical muslim zeal, lined up and shot in public over 40 men, women and children.

What is truly barbaric is the way they seem proud of their accomplishments.  They continue their march and killing those who do not practice islam the way they do.  Until people realize the true evil these people practice they will continue.  Sadly, many on the left continue to give such radical muslim groups excuses.

In fact many still think Obama is doing a good job against isis, especially with the airstrikes.  The group has not been defeated, and as long as our government, and others refuse to acknowledge the fact isis is a radical muslim group, we are at a disadvantage.