“We Are Gonna Escort Whore Out the Door”

Have you heard of this comment by a male gubernatorial governor candidate against the standing female governor?

“We are going to escort whore out the door.”

Normally such a comment would bring a backlash of outcry from feminists and others.  But hypocrisy once again strikes because of who said it and who it was against.

See, it was Democrat State Senator Vincent Sheheen who said it about Republican governor Nikki Haley.  Because it was said by a democrat the media will ignore it.  In fact, what’s worse is the fact the people in the crowd, the very ones who say they are liberal when talking about others, laughed at Shaheen words.

By laughing they show how insensitive they are about women.  They show that the democrat party is the real group who are against women.  They have no problem demeaning women, and then not caring.

Watch the video for yourself.