Obama Strikes Again

It seems like Obama is trying to catch up with former President Bush on dumb comments.  Obama has had quite a few, from his ’57 states’ quote to where he told Americans that under Obamacare we could keep our doctors and healthcare plans.  We all know how that is turning out.

Of course recently Obama made another statement which became a huge problem for him.  He stated the US had no strategy against ISIS.  The administration was forced to defend it several times, and even now remains an embarrassment to the nation.

Now Obama, while over in Estonia, gave a speech while talking about freedom.  He does make some good points, as he still can give a good speech, especially how freedom cannot be squelched forever.   However, he makes one additional point when talking about governments:

“People want more control of their lives, not less.”

Its almost humorous coming from a democrat.  This is the same group who:

  • Want government control of your healthcare
  • Want more government control over wages
  • Want to take away your guns
  • Want to force someone else to pay for another’s birth control
  • Want to control how large of a drink you can buy
  • Control what food your child is getting, either from the cafeteria or what you send from home
  • Take away what you earned as a hard working citizen

That’s just a short list of things the democrats have been pushing under Obama.  It doesn’t even mention the huge NSA wire tapping, the more intrusive searches at the airport, government buildings, and schools.  How about telling a business who they can and cannot take as a client.

Its ironic that the President says such a thing, especially a democrat President.  Perhaps its time Obama come down from fantasy land and see reality.  Thinking about it, I’d rather have Bush’s gaffes again, at least those were funny.