UK Takes ISIS Threat Seriously

November 26, 2008. a group of ten radical Islamic terrorists attacked, bombed, shot and held hostage people in the city of Mumbai, India.  The attack lasted until the 29th of November killing 164 people and injuring some 600 people.

Now with threats from ISIS counter-terror groups in the UK are looking at such soft targets like what happened in Mumbai.  They are doing something that the US administration is refusing to do, taking radical Islamic groups as a real and present danger.

The UK is hoping to avoid the mistakes and deaths of Mumbai.  The reign of terror that occurred over the course of those four days left a lasting impact on both security forces and terrorist.

What has the UK done?

They are moving their forces closer to areas which might be considered ‘soft’.  Areas which might be a threat to be bombed.  The UK has also moved their threat level to severe.

A UK official stated: “The nightmare scenario is they mount a spectacular attack at a high profile location. They may try to storm a building, take hostages, rig it with explosives or kill at will.”

They are at least taking the threat seriously, which is more than President Obama and his administration is doing.  They will not wake up until an attack occurs.