Lois Lerner and the Missing E-Mail Debacle

The whole Lois Lerner and the missing e-mails has played out like a drama, tragedy, or comedy depending on one’s views.  But however your view, its something that changes every time its in the news.  This entire mini-episode of the larger IRS scandal has encountered a new development.

First, let’s recall a quick history.  Lerner’s e-mails were subpoenaed now almost two years ago.  The IRS dragged its feet, as many government agencies do.  Many believed these e-mails were key to any investigation on IRS attacks on conservative groups.

Lerner herself pleaded the 5th when appearing before Congress, only after making a statement.

Then things got interesting with the e-mails.  The IRS finally, earlier this year came forth saying they had lost the e-mails.  Naturally the question was how?  We were told Lerner’s laptop computer crashed and destroyed the e-mails.

But what about backups?  What about her blackberry?

Nope, a single scratch on Lerner’s hard drive was all it took to erase all of her e-mails, or at least the e-mails which were subpoenaed.  Making matters worse, the IRS commissioner knew the e-mails were missing about a month or two before he finally told Congress, and had appeared before them saying they were still looking for them, a blatant lie.

Now, according to government watchdog group, Judicial Watch’s lawyer, the IRS has Lerner’s e-mails.  It seems the IRS has the backups, but now the excuse is it would take too much time to recover said e-mails.

The IRS has been lying to the American people all this time.  The more they lie, the more I believe something is going on.  Liberals, its a shame you’re massive intellect is wasted here supporting a lie.  If the IRS had targeted a lot of liberal groups, you would have seen this on the front page of every paper.

Its time we learn the truth about what went on, if it was selective targeting or not.