The Ferguson Problem

A couple of weeks ago the nation erupted into rage over the actions of two men.  The interaction was between a police officer and a young man.  The result of that a crisis has occurred.

In the town of Ferguson, protests  have erupted, including riots and looting.  With people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson they have failed to calm the anger over the events which happened.  But there is a major problem with the entire event.

The problem is the media and how they cover such events in today’s rapid communications world.

The major news outlets right away started with lies without fact checking any of the ‘facts’.  They manufactured the anger for their story and ratings and in the process created an even bigger problem.

The media reported the officer shot Michael Brown in the back, who then turned around and was then killed as he had his hands raised.  Brown was portrayed as a ‘gentle giant’ by the media.  That story is not entirely factual, as according to the released autopsy shows no wounds in his back, but all shots coming from the front.

Second there are conflicting eye-witness accounts of what happened that day.  Some say Brown rushed the officer after a confrontation in which it has now been established Wilson was struck in the head.  Even CNN reported bruising and swelling around Wilson’s eye, but no broken bones.

Now we are getting a new report, and what is more disturbing is where its coming from.  Democrat Lacy Clay made the following statement:

“I guess what I am most concerned about, and I made a promise to Michael Brown’s parents that I would do everything to bring all of the resources of the federal government to this investigation so that it is transparent, so that it is a viable investigation and we bet to the truth. Now, I am more concerned that if we do not get to the truth and get to what actually happened and bring justice to this situation, then there is going to be a problem in the streets.”

It begs the question, what is justice?  In this country, under the US Constitution, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  But with everyone screaming for justice, it appears that fundamental aspect of our justice system is tossed aside like toilet paper.

Its a shame that even our congressmen seem to think so little of the justice process, and allow the media to get away with their guilty without facts attitude.  Maybe if the media actually reported facts instead of emotions things might be different.