Is isis A Threat?

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIL, or simply IS, is a growing threat, especially to Christians, and other minority groups.  This radical muslim terror group has done some of the most evil things in recent history from bullying people, cutting off their water supply, to lining people up and murdering them and beheading people.

With such a threat, this same group has made many threats around the world.  The picture of their flag was taken at the White House.  They have threatened war against the USA, and against cities like Chicago.

For all of this, when the average citizen looks towards the government to see what they are doing, we see a mixed signal.

Joshua Katz, a former Homeland Security advisor, has come forth with his own assessment of the threat isis poses to the USA.  He states that isis is a true threat to the USA, and with the current open borders, it is very likely that members of the group have already crossed into the USA.  Strong words from Katz.  These groups coming across can easily build sleeper cells, and with the government moving illegals across the country without IDs, it only compounds the problems.

Add in recent comments by the administration on isis, and how they are not a threat, nor do they represent any religion, its like they are purposefully ignore a growing threat.  This behavior which can be born from the fact Obama has no idea what to do about the group, and hopes that by doing nothing, they will disappear.

His actions will have an opposite effect, and one which the next President will have to clean up, costing even more lives.

His recent comments about isis not representing any religious group undermines the threat from radical muslim groups, and how they are reacting to such groups.  Few actually come out against the group.  Indeed, there are already groups stating that isis is not a muslim group at all, but connected with either the USA or Israel.  They are spreading lies, and the administration is playing right into these people’s hands.

Over fifteen years ago another President chose to pass on a growing radical muslim group.  The result was 9/11.  Guess history will repeat itself after all.