Red Pill Black

Browsing on YouTube I ran across this wonderful interview from The Rubin Report where they interviewed Candace Owens.  A delightful, wonderful young woman to listen to as she talked about her journey from being on the left to being on the right.

It started out innocently enough, wanting to expose internet bullies and who they were.

Sounds like a great idea, I’ve seen some on the internet who use their anonymity to bully and harass others.  I have seen for myself on the internet hateful and harassing bullies.

What was interesting was how others reacted to her proposal.  She put it up on Kickstarter, a whole three minute long proposal.  She got a call from a leftist group saying to stop her project.  If she didn’t ‘white supremacists’ would target her.  She said no.

What happened, she got tons of e-mails from these ‘white supremacists’ almost right away.  To her it was a little to suspicious how she got the call, then suddenly got all this e-mail.  They were trying to bully her, and if she went though with her project it would expose the left’s bullying campaign on the internet.  What’s more was the fact the media also interviewed her and smeared her.  As she puts it, the media is a group of hit men.

It was her red pill moment that the left wasn’t the loving, tolerant place she had been led to believe it was.

Watching the video I was reminded of my own moment almost fifteen years ago.  I got into the LGBT movement back in 2000, especially with the Xena show.  I even wrote fanfiction about it and actually had a decent following of readers.  But I saw a deeper, darker side while there.

I realized that some authors were targeted and harassed more than others, and not as you would think.  It wasn’t for writing a lesbian story.  I got almost zero despite it.  No, what surprised me was inserting religion or conservatives in a positive way.

It seemed surreal to me that a group preaching tolerance would be so intolerant behind the scenes towards other groups.  I woke up to the fact that they were a lot more intolerant than others, especially after another author was bullied online over a story (which I forget now, 15 years does that to a person).

So I watched, didn’t change my values and realized I was considered conservative for what had been liberal values blew me away.  I saw how intolerant the left had become with each passing year.

Its also interesting to point out how the left bullies others.  Its something they do not wish you to understand, or realize.  But its a way they control people.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube, its worth watching and see if you recall you’re ‘red pill’ moment.

Candace is also on twitter, @RedPillBlack