Congressman Shot

This morning while at a baseball practice for a charity game a derange man went and shot House majority whip Steve Scalise and injured 5 others.

Interesting to note is the reaction that is going on.  Once more the left is in panic mode as it happened against a Republican and the suspect is believed to have been a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Indeed some of the far, radical, left has actually celebrated it, as can be seen on twitter.

But is it really a surprise when the left has been so hateful?

They call for killing people, Kathy Griffin seen with a beheaded Trump, a group acts out the killing of the President in a play, and they defend it calling it art.  Numerous celebrities have called for Trump to be killed.

So, is it really a shock when all this stupidity, all this fake news, all this pushing and something happens.

The left needs to wake up, they are the fascist ones, they are the Nazies, they are the violent ones.  This is a result of your continued, misguided, hatred.