ISIS Shuts Off Water Supply

ISIS is striking another jihad blow against Christians in a most inhuman way.  Recently ISIS went after Christians by telling them either to leave, pay up, convert or die.  Yeah, nice choices by a group of muslims that the rest of the world is suppose to believe is peaceful.

Their latest blow, turning off water to Christians.  Where is the outrage by liberals?

You won’t hear it.  Why, the press will probably not report this.  ISIS is using this against Christians as way to control them.  By cutting off water in a region where water is precious, they have threatened the lives of many people.  The move has forced the people to import water, which has gotten very expensive for people who don’t make a lot.

The real question is only a few short weeks ago there was a report that Detroit might shut off water to people who could not, or did not pay their water bill.

What happened there?

The UN threatened to get involved.  That begs the question, why won’t the UN get involved here?

The answer is simple.  Its easier to point blame at the USA and the evil corporations inside the US.  They do not wish to point any blame towards Islamic groups out of fear.  Yes, they are afraid of them.

The longer the left ignores and caters to such Islamic groups, the stronger they get.  But to the left, its all right, because its against the Christians.

The worst part, when Christians fight back, its the left who go poor muslims.