Executive Orders

I see a lot of hoopla over the recent executive orders by President Trump. Both sides have engaged in mindless stupidity over this, but once again the left takes the lead.

A couple of years ago I commented on an article in some online news site about another President. The article was defending something which I considered a slippery slope for the future.

So, I made the comment that this overreach wasn’t good, constitutional, nor was it something we should defend. It was something which future US Presidents could use. Are you so confident in this that you’d risk the future for the present?

I got back everything from I was racist to it need to be done. No one cared about the repercussions of future Presidents even when confronted with one who was a Republican.

Now, forward a few years and we have the very thing I warned those left-wingers about. A Republican President using that same idea against them. Now of course, predictably, they are outraged.

No, you’re only outraged because it’s not a democrat. Once more they show it’s all about political party. Perhaps if they actually wised up when their man is in power, we might have be having these problems now.

What was the things Obama said, well actually said?

I have a pen and a phone.

Imagine the outrage if President Trump said that!