45st President, Donald Trump

Today we inaugurate the newest President of the United States, Donald Trump.

His victory was stunning in the elections in November 2016.  He did what no one thought he had a chance of doing.


Now, as I look on to the next four years under Trump, I hope he does a good job.  The same thing I hoped with every President.  There are still a host of issues to be addressed, from social to economic to foreign policies.

I can only hope that Trump surrounds himself with people who are smart, and he listens to what they have to say.

I do fear the left-wing will only attack him no matter what he does.  They seem to want him to fail only to say I told you so while running to their safe-spaces.

Either way, today is still historic as it marks what should be, a peaceful transition of power from one person to the next as happened many times in our past.

Good Luck Mr. President, Donald Trump.