Airport Shooting

Over the weekend there was a shooting  the Ft. Lauderdale airport.  Tragically five people lost their lives.

Of course the debate will rage on gun control, because that’s what the left does in a situation like this, blame guns.

But I want to know more.  Like why did he do this?  What was the purpose of the shooting.  At this time there are no clear answers and a lot of speculation going on.

I am also curious as to what we can do to prevent such a thing from happening again, while still maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights.  Aside from eliminating all guns I have a hard time eliminating the risk no matter what gun laws are put forth by the left.

Watching that day the biggest concern was how long the airport was shut down.  One person caused all of this disruption.  Imagine if the attack had been organized over several airports?  Mass chaos in our travel.

They shut down the entire airport, despite probably knowing it was a lone gunman, they kept all terminals closed.  Of course such things are lost on the left as they have an agenda, gun control, and for that they will ignore anything and everything.