Fake News

Lately there has been a lot of talk about fake news and somehow controlling it, especially by the liberals.  I guess they are still reeling from the election loss and blaming it on the fake news.

But there is a problem with coming down on fake new.  Who determines what is, or is not, fake?

I get the feeling that liberals don’t really care about fake news, but controlling the news people hear.  Or more specifically, making sure people hear only the liberal agenda without anyone questioning it.

Such actions by the left are extremely dangerous to a democracy, or republic, like ours.  It means that freedom of speech is limited to those who are deemed ‘trustworthy’ by some group.

And what group does the left want in charge of this?  That’s right, the government.

If this isn’t the fox guarding the hen house then I don’t know what is.  However, like most liberal actions, this one could backfire greatly on liberals.  If the controlling body suddenly deems that liberal groups are the fake news sites, and they have given them power to close down such sites, then they’ve ensured their own doom.

Its like giving a 5 year old a gun then shocked when the kid turns the gun on you.

The problem is there isn’t a news organization out there not giving some sort of fake news.  The problem is the people no longer understand how to determine if the news is fake or not anymore.  They are no longer taught how to think for themselves.

Perhaps when liberals wake up to this point, they’ll realize the dark path they are on.