75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

75 years ago today the US was suddenly attacked by the nation of Japan at Pearl Harbor.

People woke up to a normal lazy Sunday all across the US never imagining that by the end of the day the US would be at war with Japan and engaged in World War 2.

At Pearl Harbor, just before 8 AM, the first wave of Japanese carrier based planes swooped in and attacked the ships of the US navy.  By the time the last plane left about two hour later the damage had been done.  The USS Arizona had been broken in two and sunk, along with the USS Oklahoma, neither ship would ever rejoin the fleet.

The USS Arizona would become a permanent memorial for those who were killed in the attack.

The other seven battleships would all take damage along with some ten other warships and hundreds of planes.

Pearl Harbor was left a smoking ruin.  In the years since conspiracies have come up and down.  Was it a rouse to get the US into the war, we might never know.  Of course its also just as likely that none of these conspiracies are true.

So today, recall what happened 75 years ago.