With Christmas coming up I thought I delve into religion a bit.

Why is it offensive for people in the USA to wish people a Merry Christmas?

I’ve heard from others that it is somehow disrespectful to others.  That I am forcing my religion upon others.

That’s an interesting statement considering what we Christians are saying to you.  We are wishing you happiness, peace and love.  How are we ‘forcing our religion upon you?

I was unaware that saying Marry Christmas translated to you must believe in Jesus Christ and go to church with me.  I am not forcing you to go and be baptized and donate 10% to a church when I say Merry Christmas.

I am merely wishing you the greeting of a season.

To those who get pissed upon hearing those words, do you get upset upon seeing a hijab?  It is usually something done by a religion, in this case islam.  So liberals can see this and think its all right, but wishing someone Merry Christmas is offensive.

Some days I just don’t understand liberals and their logic.