The $2 Bill

Many of you have probably heard by now of an elementary school kid who, standing in lunch line, had a two dollar bill and was going to use it to pay.

The poor girl became the subject of an investigation!

Yes, that’s right, a $2 bill got this poor young girl all sorts of trouble.  Why?  It was an older bill and the modern ways of spotting a counterfeit didn’t work.

So instead of being logical, they called the police, who came and told the girl she could be facing third-degree felonies type trouble.

The most perplexing part, no one bothered to see if the bill was real.  It wasn’t until the child was hauled off the police station, her mother called to come down before anyone even thought to see if it was real.

Turns out, it was, just old.

This is a result of what happens when we lost the ability for common sense to solve a problem.

To make matter worse, the girl never got an apology considering officials were in the wrong.