Testament of Society

By now, you might have heard the tragic story of a young man named Marques Gaines.

He went to a 7-11 about 4 AM, made a purchase and while walking outside the store approached by another man in a hoodie and knocked out.  Left lying in the street of traffic it was only inevitable that a car, in this case a taxi, ran him over and killed him.

The blame here should not be on the driver, but the bystanders nearby who screamed in disbelief when Gaines was struck.

The clerk inside the 7-11 was calling 911, but the only people who even came to his aide were two men who went though his pockets and robbed him, leaving him lying in the street.  No one else even bothered to help, or even move the man out of traffic.

No one bothered to prevent a car from running him over.

This is our society.  A combination of ‘it’s all about me’ and if I help I could be sued.  As a result we have an entire society dependent on someone else for help instead of actually getting in and helping.

All it would have taken was one person willing to help until the paramedics, or an ambulance, or even a cop, showed up and this young man would still be alive today.  One person!

Instead, everyone ignored him and moved on because we’re too busy to help someone in need.

Its time to stop and help people in need, be a hero instead of watching one on TV.