There seems to be a lot of news going on about bathrooms lately.

North Carolina passed a law recently about keeping boys in boys bathrooms and girls in girls bathrooms.  Seems like a bunch of liberals have freaked out over this.

First it was Bruce Springsteen cancelling shows in ND, then Brian Adams, never mind the fact he recently performed in Egypt in a country which does a lot worse to groups like gays.

Why is common sense lacking here?

Simple, its on the liberal agenda.  Its something else they feel they can push under the guise of ‘tolerance’.  Their feeling that transgendered people are being treated unfairly overrides any common sense in this issue.

I knew a transgendered person, she identified, and was biologically, a woman despite looking like a man (something she took the blame for, not following doctor’s orders and advise).  Its amazing how much people understand when they know the truth.

But with all these new bathroom laws with liberals are pushing, it makes me wonder if they even know what they are talking about.  Are they looking beyond their narrow vision of transgendered people?


I would have to say these laws probably go counter to ‘peeping Tom’ laws.  you know, the laws which are there to prevent people from spying on you, recording you, and placing it on the internet.

Those laws!

It only shows that liberals only care about pushing their narrow-minded, intolerant views on everyone else.

Springsteen, Adams, you are has-beens, and I won’t spend another dime on any of your music again.  And I hope people all over the country call to want their money back if they are going to one of your concerts.

#BoycottSprinsteen  #BoycottAdams