Defending Ones Self

Imagine you’re a woman, and you’re assaulted.  You’ve been told to do anything possible to get away, but you have pepper spray.  Using that you manage to escape your attacker.

Now, after being put through the experience, you learn that not only is your attacker not going to be charged, but you are charged with possession of a illegal weapon and face a fine.


This is exactly what happened in Denmark to a young 17 year-old woman.  The attacker is unknown, but with increasing reports of such assaults on women the fact that the victim is facing charges is not going over well within the country.

In fact things have gotten so bad over there that many nightclubs are banning recent refugees to protect its patrons.  At least someone is stepping up as the government is content to stand aside and let its citizens be raped, or worse.

The real interesting part is the fact that pepper spray is also illegal here in some parts of the US, like Washington DC.  Yes, if you’re a woman using pepper spray against a would-be rapist, you might be facing charges thanks to the laws as pointed out in another article.

With more and more reports from countries which have accepted large numbers of refugees, things are quickly reaching a boiling point and liberals are unsure how to act.  We are told over and over that we, the citizens of our own countries must be tolerant and respectful of the refugees’ culture.

The one question these liberals refuse to ask, why can’t the refugees be tolerant and respectful of our culture?

Until liberals wake up, expect such stories to increase while liberals continue to put their head in the sand and ignore the situation.