Liberals Blame Girls

What happens in Germany when a grandfather asks a mayor about muslim ‘refugees’ that the government has taken in about safety concerns he has for his 10-year-old daughter?

Well that question actually happened in a town meeting recently and the results are stunning.

When presented the question the mayor responded with the following:

“That’s easy, just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

Don’t walk in those areas?  Don’t provoke them?

Its easy to understand why Germans are becoming fed up with their leaders.  Their leaders are doing everything possible to avoid protecting them, one of the fundamentals of government.  Protect your citizens!

But this isn’t anything new for liberals.  They have touted that we, the people of the West, the Christians, Jews, Atheists, and others, should be tolerant and accepting of muslim views, their religion, their laws, and culture.  If you are anything but absolutely tolerant the left will label you as islamophobic, and fearmongering.

Perhaps the question should be different, as it was in the past with immigrants and refugees to foreign countries.

Are you willing to be tolerant, as foreigners to the countries laws, customs and religions of the country you are coming to?

The answer so far, seems to be no.  And the liberals are okay with that.