Pearl Harbor Day

74 years ago today marks the day the United States officially became involved in the war which would be known in history as World War 2.

On that day, the Japanese navy, using six carriers, struck a blow aimed at crippling the United States navy.  Whether or not they did is debatable, but what they did do was unite the public against them.

Today many look back upon what happened with conspiracies.  I have yet to actually read any which are worthwhile and have a lot of good thought behind it.  Its like saying FDR was capable of running a marathon while he was President.

Pearl Harbor was a carefully crafted attack which was part of a larger plan drawn up by Japanese leaders.  It should not be forgotten, nor should its lessons be forgotten.

Many Americans were enjoying a Sunday afternoon, late morning or lunch when the news of the attack came to them.  The next day in a speech to Congress FDR asked for a decoration of war which was to have occurred from the moment the attack began.

Today visitor can still see the ruins of the USS Arizona and even the USS Utah, both of which were sunk on that day.

If you have never been, go, the history is amazing.