Typical Smear Campaign

Has everyone heard about the young woman Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader.  She’s the one who posted pictures of her hunting animals and the left completely freaked out about it.

Well, true to their form, their attacks have gotten even worse.  Its beyond despicable, bus also so typical of their attacks on people who dare be different from what they want someone to be.

Not long ago a Virginian Congressional hopeful, Mike Dickenson posted several tweets that are highly controversial and beyond good taste.


Let us all pray that gets mauled by a rhino or contracts Ebola on her next canned hunt to kill a animal

Look at pure scum that is killing animals for fun. Who’s got nude photos of her? Or sex tapes? 100k

100k to anyone w nude photos or sex videos of she is pure scum

If any ex boyfriends of are out there we want and will pay for sex stories or info about her

That’s just a taste of the vile, woman hating rhetoric this democrat is posting.  First off, she is only 19, and then offering a cash reward for her nude.  That is just beyond words, but so typical.  They have to demonize her, humiliate her, attack her, dehumanize her, and anything else they can simply because they do not like something she did.  They refuse to understand why.

But let’s look at his website for  second.

“Mike believes Congress needs to get back to finding solutions to our nation’s problems”

Interesting, but then he goes on an attack over someone not even in his state.

I can guarantee you if someone offered a $100,000 for his daughter’s picture nude (not sure he has a daughter), he would declare that person, or group, to hate women.  So, sir (I use that term in the loosest of terms), you are declaring a war on women by your actions.  You are viewing them as sexual beings.  There is something to treating men and women equally.

I expect we’ll never hear an apology though, and any pictures you might get, be very, very careful sir.  She might not be over 18 in those pics, then, you are distributing child porn, a criminal offense.