Liberal Apologists

Looking though many liberal websites and such the realization that liberals are out of touch with reality is apparent.  Indeed, the night of the radical muslim attacks on Paris, MSNBC had on a person who said what the real reason for the attacks were.

Did they blame religion? No.

Did they blame muslims? No.

Did they blame radical muslims? No.

Did they find a way to blame right-wing conservatives? Yes.

In a twisted view of reality they blamed the rise of right-wing conservatives as the main reason for the attacks.  That’s right, the real reason is those terrorist conservatives in France who are patriotic to their country are the real threat to the safety of the Western world.

Never mind what the attackers screamed, or that isis has even come out cheering and taking credit for the attacks, which is strange as conservatives and radical muslims are not friends at all.

Aside from that, we had liberals once more going around and apologizing for radical muslims.

They going around saying that we should target muslims at all, and we should be sympathetic to them.  Funny, we don’t hear such things after a shooting?  Instead its all about all guns are bad, and no one should have one and that all NRA members are bad, brainwashed morons.  Yet there isn’t a radical group of muslims who want to kill and destroy.

Finally, this one actually comes from the President and leading democrat candidates.  The very ones who can’t even say radical muslims.

The reason behind the attacks is…are you ready…Climate Change.

Yes, that’s right, climate change is solely responsible for terrorist groups like isis and the reason why they are attacking us.

Liberals, the one who say they are so smart, appear to be the dumbest group out there.