Starbuck’s ‘Red’ Cups?

So there I was, going over the Huffington Post, and what they say is news, more like liberal lies, and I see this article talking about how Christians are offended by Starbucks.

I go to Starbuck quite often and became intrigued by the headline, so clicked the link.  Mistake for any Huffington Post ‘news’ article, but I regress.

I am shocked to find out that I should be, according to this article (which based their opinion on one video) that as a Christian, and Conservative, those red winter cups at Starbucks are offensive.

Yesp, liberals are now telling Conservatives what they should, and should not, be outraged over.  So went to Starbucks and looked the ‘offensive’ cup over trying to figure out what was so offensive about it?

Yet after looking at if for several seconds I could find nothing to be offended about.  If anything, the cup was very, bland.  For a place which, I thought, tried to pride themselves on being hip, the cups seemed, ugly at best, no umph, no pop, no nothing, no energy (except the caffeine inside).

If anything, Starbucks should be ashamed to have such a bland, boring cup for it’s holiday stock.