Republican Debates

So, we have a third Republican debate tonight.  There are just a few thoughts before the debate.

Still a bit too early for such debates, and to start running for office.  Personally I think there should be a law there is nothing until the year you vote in.  In other words, no debates, no announcing your running, etc until January 1 of the year of the election (in this case 2016).

About the debates, its interesting that this is the third debate by Republicans, yet democrats have only done one.  3-1!

Brings to mind, why?  Do we know too much about Republican candidates, or too little of democrat candidates?  Are Republicans going to get the easy questions like democrats get?

I haven’t done any endorsing of a candidate, nor will I until at least next year.  All of this is to fill talk radio and TV shows so they can find something to talk about other than trying not to criticize Obama and his failed politics.