Seeing Illegal Immigrant Camps

There has been many reports in recent days about congressional members, or press, heading off to see camps which house illegal immigrants.  But its what has been told even before they visit which has some concerned about what is really going on.

Take for example the list reporters had to agree upon before taking a tour of a camp:

1.  Could not take any photos

2. Could not bring in any cell phones, or recording devices

3.  Could not interact with any child or staff, including asking questions

4.  Photos would be provided to them

5.  Questions would be by e-mail or phone and answered as quickly as possible.

Such a rigid control of the ‘tour’ makes me think of another bygone time in history where a government gave a highly one-sided showing of a camp.  That camp was a Jewish camp, the government was Nazi Germany.

Now add to this border patrol officers are not allowed to speak of the conditions in the camps, and the additional money the administration is asking for one has to ask questions.  But in this new political environment it has become dangerous to ask questions against the established power of the Obama administration.

The latest news about these camps is congressional officials are not allowed in.  The camps they have seen have been cleared out.  Where did these illegals go?  Why does the government not want people to know what’s going on.

Mr. Obama, you are asking for money, over $3 billion, and for what?

Democrats, you are asking for amnesty.  How will amnesty solve the larger problem?

If the left wishes to persuade me to their cause, it has to be more than an emotional story.  Show me how this helps the future, and solves this problem so future generations do not have to go through this again.