Joy Behar Disrespects Nurses

Miss America recently had an interesting talent contest when Kelley Johnson walked out in scrubs and did a monologue about working with a patient with Alzheimer’s.  The next day, on the show ‘The View’, instead of standing up and being respectful of not only a different talent, but the nursing industry, they mocked her.

Joy Behar went on to say, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?”

Its painfully obvious these women on The View have no clue what nurses do, or how hard their jobs really are.

Instead, like a typical liberal, they put down a smart, intelligent woman.  And yes, Kelley Johnson is both, it takes a lot of work to become a nurse, a 4 year degree and more, something that’s highly doubtful any of the women on The View could manage.

Kelley Johnson appeared on the stage in scrubs, not a typical gorgeous dress, or something sexy, but normal.  The woman on the show should have admired her for that.

Instead they mock her for wearing a ‘doctor’s’ stethoscope.  There is no such thing, nurses use a stethoscope all the time, probably even more than a doctor does.

Nurses work very, very hard.  They run around helping patients, on their feet all day, listening to patients, trying to make things better, having to keep a smile on your face despite you were just pooped/peed on, had to deal with blood or gore, or watched as a patient died.

Most nurses deal with more than one patient at a time, they can’t just hop up and take a break like normal people.

However its no surprise that liberals have no problem making fun of this profession.  After all, its full of smart, intelligent people.