Labor Dept Said What?

The US government needs to read, and follow Phyllis Borzi wrote on the (Work in Progress) blog, of the US Department of Labor.

Its a list of five goals to help you earn financial independence.  But its what is said that is amazing, and every politician in government from the federal to your city council who should read, and then sign off stating he/she read it.

The most important part of the blog post, is points three and four.

3. The trick to saving for any goal is to spend less than you earn.

The one the government should understand, but our politicians have a warped sense of spending.  After all, they reduce the increase in spending by a couple of percentage points and call that a cut in spending (despite overall spending rising).

4. Paying off debt can be an important step toward financial security.

Yeah, you don’t have those pesky debt collectors coming after you.  And the US government has plenty of people who own debt in the government.  Its time to trim the debt and make it manageable once more.

Do not expect the government to follow this advise though.  With the government its do as I say, not as I do.

Read the article here:

This July, Declare Your Financial Independence!