McKinney Police

By now the left and the anti-police crowd has been able to control another police ‘problem’.  This time it was, according to the anti-police crowd, a racist officer who tossed down a black teen.

After watching the video one question kept coming to mind over and over again.

Why were the cops there to begin with?

If you only listen to the radical left, they were called by a racist, white resident.  But is that an accurate assessment of what happened?

No its not.

The truth is so muddled that no one really knows anymore.  But it’s more likely that a someone did have a party, and there was a DJ and a lot of teens.

According to the DJ, the teens, mostly, acted well behaved.  But it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone else.  That’s what happened, a few, between 5 and 10 of them started misbehaving, yelling and being stupid, even a report of them attacking the guard at the pool (something the left won’t mention).

It was at this time the cops were called, and the rest, well that’s now well recorded.

Could the cop have handled things differently.  Sure, but so too could the teens who started it all.

So what we have is a cop losing his job, residents of McKinney threatened by peaceful leftists, and the people who started it all, get away with everything.