Supreme Court Rules Against Unions

In a ruling that is in line with the Constitution, and what the USA stands for the SCOTUS stated that unions cannot force home heath-care workers to be part of their union.

Imagine this, you are caring for your elderly mother, or father, and a union comes along and says you cannot do that unless you’re part of our union.  Sounds idiotic, yet that is what happened and why the lawsuit came about.  Unions forcing membership on such people, demanding they pay dues as well.

Of course liberals will whine, cry and bitch about this, but forcing someone to be part of a union is not freedom, nor is it liberty.  It is a form of enslavement, no matter how one sugarcoats it.

Unions are losing their power not because they are not needed, but because they have abused their power.  When liberals and union leaders figure that out, things will change for the better.