Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby

The US Supreme Court decided, by a decision of 5-4, to uphold Hobby Lobby’s decision to not provide some forms of birth control they feel violates their religious beliefs.

To the left, this means all forms of birth control.  Its a way to prevent companies from dealing with the LGBT community, and a host of other attacks on the freedom of women.

But is it?

Once again the left uses emotion to win an argument here.  But let’s look at a fact, the court ruled on some forms of birth control, not all.  The ruling also does not suddenly, and magically, mean women cannot get birth control, nor talk to their doctors about it.  Women will still be able to talk to their doctors about birth control.  And some women, who use birth control for other things, then maybe the doctors and insurance companies should re-categorize those uses.

This thought that the ruling is an infringement on women’s rights is at best, ludicrous.  It does not infringe on any right, but who pays for it.  It does not prevent a woman from getting birth control, it does not prevent a woman from talking to her doctor, it does not give the employer the right to do anything else, but not offer certain forms of birth control in their employees medical insurance.

You don’t even have to be religious to not like some forms of birth control.  Many people who find abortion horrible would rejoice the ruling to limit the morning after pill.

Or to put it in a way liberals will understand, and a phrase they’ve used for a year or more now:

We won, you lost, get over it!