Black Candidate’s Sign Defaced

So, how many of you have heard of the young African-American who is running for congressional office whose sign was attacked.  Her face in the picture was spray-painted white, with only the eyes and mouth left untouched.

Not only is this an attack against blacks, but against women as well, or so liberals would say.

Still have not heard about it?

Don’t feel bad, you probably will not.  Why?

The congressional candidate’s name is Glo Smith.  She is from Florida, and in a heavily democratic neighborhood, is running as a Republican.

Yep, that’s right, a black Republican, and a woman.  A double whammy which means zip will ever be said by a liberal.  This is the hypocrisy at its finest by liberals.  Its only racism and hatred if its directed at a democrat.  Direct that same hatred and racism towards a Republican, and its okay.

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