Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Imagine if you will going back in time to before the D-Day invasion of France in World War 2.  Eisenhower gets before the press and notifies them all that the landing site of the invasion will be at Normandy.  Sounds like something only an idiot would do, right.

Fast forward to present day.  A radical muslim terrorist group called ISIS is beheading Christians, killing anyone who doesn’t worship Islam as they do, and had declared war on the USA.  They are a growing threat not only locally, but internationally as their numbers increase.

What does the leader of the free-world stand up and say about this group?  Aside from stating ISIS is a jayvee team, he informs the entire world of his strategy.

“We don’t have a strategy yet.”

With those words Obama created a two fold problem.

First off, the announcement does not do anything to help the USA, or any of its allies against such terror groups.  Nor does it give any moral support to those currently fighting these groups.  It does help the enemy however, as they now know what the President is thinking, or rather isn’t thinking.

Secondly, he once again proves his inability to lead.  A hesitation which has become standard to his administration over major world issues.  Obama is once again placing a decision on hold, hoping that the situation will solve itself, or someone else will come along and solve it for him.

It also shows a lack of understanding of diplomacy.  Never show your opponent what you are thinking.  The moment you do, you’ve given them an advantage.

Its time for Obama to grow up, he’s the leader of the USA, time to start acting like it.