White House ‘Clarifies’ Obama Statement

A day after President Obama made another stupid statement, the White house press secretary, Josh Earnest, had to come out and ‘clarify’ the statement.  It becomes difficult when Obama’s statement was extremely broad.

“We don’t have a strategy yet.’

It seems like everyone misunderstood what the President meant.  According to Earnest the President was only referring to ISIS in Syria.  But because the President was not clear, the media, and the world, took off with his statement.

Earnest went on to say this about developing a strategy:

“The Pentagon is developing plans or military options for the president to consider if he decides that it’s necessary to do so. But at this point, the president hasn’t made any decisions and hasn’t ordered any military action in Syria.”

It comes to mind that this is probably what should have been said in the first place, not the now infamous we have no strategy comment.

Because of a stupid comment, once more, by the President, he and his staff are wasting time and resources to correct it.  It begs the question if Obama even understands his job.