The ISIS Threat

More people now know about the growing threat of isis, or isil, or Islamic State.  This group, which President Obama and his staff referred to as a ‘jayvee’ team has grown in the past couple of months and is terrorizing entire areas of Iraq.

ISIS is a group which hates anyone that does not follow their very strict rules.  They have waged war against Christians, cutting off water, threatening their lives, and also with death, which they have executed with deadly precision and Nazi-like efficiency. 

Now, with a new threat by isis against the USA there is a security leak which is horribly open, and one which terror groups can expose because democrats and liberals refuse to do a thing about it.  In fact, many believe this security threat does not exist, and that it is good for the country because of a ‘minority’ group of illegals wishing to gain instant citizenship.

ISIS is recruiting children to their group.  Now, what has liberals all emotional along the border, clamoring that the USA must do something?

That’s right, an influx of children, some of whom do not have parents.  It does not take much for an isis group to ‘train’ children and send them over to the US, where they are welcomed in by liberals.  They enter the USA, are given food and clothing and education all while working for isis and growing a sleeper cell inside our own schools.

There is a disaster waiting to happen which the democrat leadership seems proud to not only ignore, but want to expand.  When will they understand the threat of the world around us?  US citizens can only hope they wake up before it starts costing innocent US civilians’ lives.