Modified Video of Israel Strike

Israel is working on minimizing civilian causalities in the current conflict in Gaza against hamas.  In return hamas give no warning when they launch a rocket towards Israel.  Yet even doing this, many on the left still charge Israel with war crimes and support hamas.

One tactic the Israel military use is called a knock.  Its where a combination of warnings are given.  This ranges from phone calls to a missile with no explosives which hits the target.

Now given the warning, a short time later, usually several minutes to several hours the strike occurs.  A video below is reportedly from a hamas press release:

The video appears to show a knock, followed by the strike some 17 seconds later.  However, that is not quite the case.  The following shows how the video was edited and where you can catch where it happened:

The video was edited for time, which is actually pretty obvious.  The question become why?

It could be very possible that the video is edited to discredit Israel’s tactic of trying to warn innocents. Make up your own mind and don’t take things for granted.