Well, I took a longer break than I had originally meant to, and before I knew it months had passed.

A lot has happened in the political landscape, then again that’s to be expected.  I kept up with twitter, and still active on Facebook, no I haven’t been banned yet despite the name ‘ConservativeMe’.  You’d think it be flagged now by the way they are targeting anyone not far-left these days.   Guess my site and such are not that big.

Honestly I hope to get back to posting a post a day, giving my opinions on things.  I do enough of that on social media all over, so I’ll condense it all right here once more which was my original plan anyways.

Anyone who still drops by, you’ll see an increase of activity lately.  I hope to have a post later today about censorship.

Stick around, agree, don’t agree, be civil is all I ask.