A lot has been said over the past year or two about the entire #MeToo movement.  And like so many things which start out with a positive, there is also a dark side which so many ignore.

First off I’ll start by saying men should treat women with respect.  That really should go without saying.  Normal women shouldn’t have to fear a man.

Having said that, the same goes the other way, women should treat men with respect as well.  They should understand that men treat men differently than men treat women as women treat women.

I have seen women treat other women so bad that if it has been a man, his life and career would be over.  Yet, nothing happens.

Back onto the point.  The #MeToo movement has given women an ability to speak out against those who abuse.  Yet, even back when this movement started there were warnings.

Women who would abuse the situation.  Women who would use this power to get revenge on an innocent man, or threaten for some sort of gain.  The proponents of the movement brushed aside such concerns.

However, its come to light in recent months of men who are reluctant to mentor a female co-worker.  Of men who will no longer meet with a woman alone.

The reaction by the movement is to belittle these feelings some men are having.  As a result these men get a feeling their concerns are not being addressed.  Why should they do these things when women should always be believed?

When a few words from a woman can destroy a career built by a lifetime of work.  Doesn’t matter if its true or not, the #MeToo movement declares women always tell the truth.  Gone are the days of innocent until proven guilty, men are just guilty.

Because there is no accountability or even balance in the #MeToo movement men are adapting to protect themselves against a possible accusation.  In a way, this means women are in a position to be less likely to be taken advantage of, but it also means their options are not more limited.

Women will continue to try to shame men who won’t mentor other women but until women do something about false accusations it will fall on deaf ears.  All it takes is a man hearing about someone else being falsely accused and they will think twice.  It is a lot of power women bear and if there is no responsibility things will only get worse.