Abortion is a topic I generally shy away from because its so hotly debated and there really seems like no good answer.

Since Pandora’s Box was opened the debate has raged.  Should we allow abortions or not?

Generally the debate was logical, well, as logical as one can get with this topic which people have a very emotional stand upon.  Both sides can be very emotional with this topic.

Personally I was always in a bit of a grey area, never fully going one way or the other.  Some say that was because I lacked the will to make a tough choice on a difficult topic.  I understood that abortions were not good, but if you ban them someone will still do them.  Either way I felt a life was in danger.

However with the latest laws being passed in New York I’ve felt they’ve gone too far this time.

I do not like the idea of allowing a baby to be aborted as the mother is giving birth., or even that close.

Those who are for it will push the following, a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, should she have to be forced to carry the baby?  Yet that question has many problems.  If a woman is raped, and becomes pregnant how many are going to carry a baby nine months and then go I don’t want it.  Shouldn’t that have been decided weeks, or months, ago?

I actually am not advocating that she can’t, only that she can’t do it as she’s giving birth.

There are many out there who have been born prematurely.  According to the new law, these babies can be aborted.

I fear such laws will not help solve the debate, but only show how bad some people are acting towards a life.  It shows how little they care about life.

Perhaps is time we grow up again, and learn something called responsibility for our life and actions.