Arresting Roger Stone

It appears twenty-seven officers of a SWAT team were involved, along with over a dozen vehicles, helicopter and boats were all involved to make an arrest.  What type of dangerous person could they have been after.

A dug dealer?  No

Mafia hit man?  No

Bin Laden?  No

It was to arrest a sixty-six year old man who is a political consultant who happened to work for Trump.  But let’s look at this again.

Twenty-seven officers involved in this.  In Houston there was a shooting between officers and drug dealers and they used about a dozen officers to serve the warrant.  A dozen for what they knew would be a dangerous situation.  In that four officers were injured.

The arrest of Roger Stone had twice the number.  What was so special about this arrest that it took so much manpower?

Ah, but there is one more thing.  CNN was on hand.  They knew of the arrest, and what better political statement than having such a force for the cameras.  This strengthens the narrative of how dangerous Trump is to the left.  They can point and go, look at how many men it took.

Imagine the outrage by the media if the same number of officers were used to arrest a democrat for the same crime.

In short, this was done to make a political statement.