Censoring InfoWars

InfoWars, the channel by Alex Jones.  A far-right wing site and group.

Now the left in their heavy-handedness has finally managed to censor the channel on many forums, like Facebook and YouTube.

But is this really a good thing?

For years the left called the right the Nazis, the group which is for fascism, and taking away people’s rights and freedoms.  Yet with this move the left is only confirming the real truth.

Its the left which is taking away people’s rights and freedoms.

All over the internet on social media the left is trying their best to silence the right.  What happened that caused the left to go full fascist?

Simple, they controlled all of the info flowing though here at one time.  Most people who tweeted, posted stories on FB, or did channels on YT were liberal.  Sites were up all over and info was flowing all over, but it was also mostly liberal and turned leftist as the left has grown in power in the past 15 years.

The past 10 years conservatives have slowly been gaining a voice in this.  It was fine as long as the left continued winning political battles and that’s where everything changed.

They lost!  They lost big.

So with that lose the left is trying once more to regain control of the information.  How to do that, by banning and censoring anyone who dares speak against the left’s political position.

And so InfoWars was one of the biggest far-right groups out there.  The target which the left thinks by taking down they will win this info battle.

Instead all they do is show how fascist they really are.  How much they don’t want information that they can’t control eliminated.

InfoWars was dubious at best, but it raises the question whose next?  Imagine the left’s outrage if former President Bush had tried to silence groups like MoveOn.org for their misinformation of 9/11?

Again here is the left and their growing hatred for the right.  They didn’t care about any misinformation about Bush, as long as it was bad news.  The same now, only they are going after anyone who dares go against the narrow, intolerant political narrative of the left.

The masks are coming off, and due to them censoring groups like InfoWars I foresee a tightening by the left of such groups on social media.  What they fail to comprehend is the backlash which is growing.  People are waking up to the hypocrisy of the left by such actions.  Its now movements like #WalkAway start.  They are alienating way too many people to silence.

And with the internet, there are many other places to go.  Its only a matter of time before other, better, freer places to speak of your ideas appear on the web.

Or the left will force the government to step in and regulate any web-page.

The left fails to see the precarious and disturbing action that brings after all, all they care about is silencing the right.

So social media goes after groups like InfoWars showing their biases to all to see.  But the time to step up is now, to shout out is now.  Do not be silent, even if you don’t like InfoWars, where does this stop?

Don’t not speak out because you are not one of them, its how they whittle down their opposition until only the real evil remains.