Well, another shooting has occurred, and as my custom I wait a bit before speaking about it.  I do this to let rumors die down, and for the truth to hopefully come forth.

What has come to my attention, isn’t that we need to ban guns, but once more its something about society.

Let’s look at three recent shootings this year:

The first one, against a Republican Congressman who was with a group practicing with other Republicans.  The only one to die was the shooter himself and the others who were shot were fortunate to recover.  The shooter, a left-wing activist.

Second, the Las Vegas shooting which killed over 50 people, a real tragedy.  This shooting still has many mysterious surrounding it, from the shooter to the guard who first stop him, then was the first one shot to where is the hotel footage?  Again, the shooter is tied to left-wing groups.

Finally the recent church shooting which left over 20 dead.  He was former military who had been dishonorably discharged and if the Air Force had done its job the laws to prevent such people from buying a gun would have worked.  Oh yeah, he too was a left-winger, and hard core atheist.

See a pattern?

Crazy left-wingers being whipped up into a frenzy by the media and leftist hate groups.  You won’t hear anything about that though, it doesn’t fit the narrative which to the left is simple.

Ban all guns!

They don’t want to look at society because its their group which is where most of the shooters come from.  In order to look at the root cause, they would have to look at themselves and do some serious questioning.  That they can’t do.

So because the left resists this, there will be another shooter and more will lose their lives.  The left will continue their call to ban guns while ignoring the anger amongst their own side.