So, have you heard of this one?


Yep, where someone thinks they are of a different race than the one they are born of.  Let’s let that soak in for a second.  Do they really want your race to be gender fluid?

What happened to just not caring about what race you are?  What happened to treating others as you are treated?  When did this happen?

In case you’re a bit lost, saw this on my news feed today.

Transracial man born white feel like he’s filipino.

Yep, you read that correctly.

I honestly feel like this is the type of stupidity started from the whole transgendered thing and expanded upon.

Give an inch and they take a yard.  Its what they are doing.

Really, the entire thing only made me speechless and unable to really wrap my sane mind around it.  The only thing I see it doing is adding to sarcasm when talking to left-wingers.  You can ask them, are you sure you’re talking to a male/woman, or even race.  After all, I could be trangendered and transracial as well.

The right doesn’t do that, guess we have common sense.

All I can come up with, is this: