50 years ago I would have no problem taking in the refugees and probably the discussion would exist.  So, what’s changed that we are having this discussion now?  I see several causes.

First, the problem is that as a country, we are broke.  There is no other way around it.  The current debt is close to $20 trillion.  Taking in 100,000s of refugees is not something we have the money for.

Of course the left will say take the money from this, or that group.  Problem there is we really don’t take the money, that group still spends the money, all we do is add more spending which we cannot afford.

Second is our society as a whole.  Its fractured and sick.  Look around and what do you see, battle of the sexes, gays rights, BLM, Christians, whites, Native Americans, anti cops, Blue lives matter, atheists, and much, much more.

The left wants to add a large number of another group, muslims to this mix.  Yeah, that’s a way to get things to heal, add in another volatile group and then act surprised when it blows up.

Third, security.  Yes, no terrorist has yet come from the seven nations Trump banned.  But there is a key word here, yet.  No left-winger can guarantee it won’t happen.  And there is the catch-22, the left doesn’t like vetting, yet they can make no guarantee other than it hasn’t happened in the past.

We’ve changed as a country from 50 years ago.  We can’t afford, economically, socially or security-wise to let them in without some sort of precaution.  And that’s the problem.

The left doesn’t want any precautions.  They say its a moral thing to do.

Well, sometimes morals and logic are at odds, like they are here.