Quebec City Shooting

Another tragic shooting happened recently, yet you hear very little about it.

The question become why do we hear do little about it?

The answer is actually quite simple, it doesn’t advance the narrative put forth by the left-wing media elites.

The shooting killed six people in a Mosque in Canada. You would think there would be a lot of great stories here for the left. They could claim right-wing hate for the shooting. Islamophobia would be another great story.

However, witness have claimed to hearing the shooters shout allahu akbar while shooting. This would destroy the left’s narrative that it was a right wing group, because now muslims are involved. Once that happens the story disappears from new outlets.

They also can’t use gun control in this story either. Canada already has strict gun laws.

Racism is out as well, as the shooter appear to be students and one is of Moroccan origin.


The left can’t use any of their normal narrative and talking points, so the only thing to do, is bury the story. Yesterday I went on to the major news sites, and places like Huffington Post, and didn’t see anything.

Now, if they could have put the shooter as a white, male Christian, the story would be major headlines for a week or more. But alas, they can’t so they bury the story and ignore it until a story comes along which fits their narrative.