Olympics and Liberals

The Olympics are only a few days old and already the liberals are showing how classless they are.

It all started with the opening ceremonies and who carried the US flag into the stadium.  The athletes voted to have US swimmer Michael Phelps carry the flag in.  But almost immediately liberals complained about this democratic process.  The liberal media wanted Ibtihaj Muhammad to carry the flag into the stadium.

Many wanted Phelps to ‘do the right thing’ in their minds.  However, they forget that the athletes spoke.  Why do liberals ignore the democratic process?  Simple, they didn’t want a ‘white’ guy to carry the flag.

Next, the USA first gold medal was won by Ginny Thrasher in the 10 meter air-rifle event.  Of course, the left once again went ballistic on social media.  Many comments were made about how it was only natural for an American to win, and that its too bad mass shootings was not an Olympic event.

Leave it to liberals to trash a young 19 year old over a great performance simple because it involved a ‘gun’.  Their hatred knows know bounds.

Now, they are shaming Lilly King and her ‘shameful’ finger wagging at Russian Yulia Efimova, who has been suspended twice for doping.  It only shows that liberals will side with a cheat and druggie over someone who works hard, not that should be surprising.

Its the Olympics, yet the liberals can’t stop their hatred of anything which they don’t stand for.