No Islam

So, they are going to be releasing of the tapes for the Orlando shooter.  Only one problem.  They decided to edit out all mention of the word islam, or isis.

The question becomes why censor the words islam or isis, or anything unless there is an ulterior motive going on.  But then, anyone who thinks about it knows what this motive is.

They can’t use islam, or isis, or radical islam because that would destroy the narrative of the left.  That narrative is the NRA, GOP, conservatives, gun owners are to blame for this shooting.  As long as it fits into that narrative it will be told, if it doesn’t fit, it needs to be scrubbed.

For this end, they must censor out islam from any transcripts, or they run a risk of confirming what the right is saying, its a terror attack by radical islam and the left is running blind to it.

Sadly, by censoring it they only confirm this very thought.

Recall years ago the running joke about Bush Jr, if Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Bush would declare war on some other country.  If Obama was President and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, they would edit out any mention of Japan, and declare war on Britain.

It really makes one wonder what will it take for the left to wake up to reality.