Teen Tries to Kill Trump

So, recently a teen went mental and tried to kill Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

At a rally in Las Vegas a teenager tried to take a gun from a cop so he could shoot Trump.  But wait, isn’t suppose to be the Trump supporters and conservatives who are violent?  That’s what we hear, yet time and again its liberals who are violent.

But there is more.

It appears this teen isn’t even an American!  He is here illegally.

Those ‘peaceful’ illegal immigrants are turning out to not be so peaceful.

This is a fact one probably will not hear on CNN or MSNBC.  Both networks are so far in with democrats and their agenda they are willing to ignore anything to get it done.

So unless people actually get out and talk about this, the average person will remain ignorant, which is exactly what the democrats and liberals want.  They have an agenda, and this teen being an illegal doesn’t fit it.